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A Venture into Korean Food!

Thanks to our friends Nomie and Noah, we recently delved into the world of Korean cooking.  Before this particular meal, Marnina and I were completely unversed in Korean food; we only knew that Korean and Japan shared some culinary history and that there is some ingredient overlap.  Nomie, who speaks Korean and is very knowledgeable about Korean food and culture, was a capable guide to introduce us to Korean food.  And we are very thankful that she was there, because the instructions on all the package labels were in Korean!  She informed us that traditionally, rice and/or noodles, and vegetables make up many Korean meals, and that commonly used ingredients include sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, and pepper.  Meats or tofu are sometimes added to these dishes too.  The basic seasonings make for a relatively salty and spicy meal.  (*Be on the look out for a new restaurant guide in which we will be expanding our list of cuisines and how IBDers can navigate these cuisines*). (more…)

Help Us Skewer IBD!

Thanks to our contributors, I Be a fooDie was the top fundraiser for Team DC during the first week of fundraising!!! We won a bottle of wine!

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We have raised over $2,200 so far to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our supporters. We are on a mission to ‘Skewer IBD’ and we CANNOT do it without your help! We are more than halfway to our $4,000 goal! We have started our training regimen and are vigorously running 3-4 times a week and cross training on our non-run days.  We are only up to running 4.5 miles so far. Please donate today and support our mission by clicking here and enter to win your free copy of The Foul Bowel.  We are counting on you!!

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Blog Giveaway!

As part of C-Cubed (Cook-Challenge-Cure), we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first giveaway! We hope that you will participate and help us spread the word.

Let us introduce you to The Foul Bowel.  A free copy could be yours! Read below for details! (more…)

Gold’n Plump Chicken!

At I Be a fooDie, our goal is to deliver healthy food choices and sound nutritional advice for those who suffer from IBD.  We often espouse the benefits of a certain food or a certain cooking technique, and we hope that our readers pick up on our tips.  One food that we have not given enough attention is chicken.  For many IBDers, chicken is a safe food when compared to other protein sources, such as red meat, nuts, and beans.  The leanest part of the chicken is the chicken breast, and when eaten without the skin, the chicken has a much lower fat (and saturated fat) content than red meat (a lower fat content means less gastrointestinal distress and less digestive work for your intestines).  It is also super versatile, and so it can be modified to fit almost anyone’s taste preferences. (more…)

Cook-Challenge-Cure & Donate!

As much as we enjoy sharing our kitchen creations with you on a weekly basis, we wanted to take a second to put IBD in perspective and introduce you to “C Cubed” (we aren’t talking about cubing butternut squash, we promise!) (more…)

Apple Sage Chickpea Burgers

Last week, my older brother Avi astutely pointed out that we have blogged a disproportionate amount of recipes that involve root veggies and squash.  We do often cook with these types of produce, but for good reason (they are in season right now and it is freezing cold outside, so why not make a hearty and comforting veggie soup?)  But I wondered to myself if our readers think we subsist on root veggies and squash.  Marnina and I definitely incorporate these foods into our diet (I do sometimes wonder if I will turn into a butternut squash one day), but we also cook many foods that do not show up on the blog….like 70% of what we cook in a daily week.  (more…)

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