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Wise Organic Chicken

Marnina and I have been eating kosher poultry and beef for our entire lives, and so we profess to have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to the typical kosher meat offerings.  We have always been led to believe that the quality of kosher meat is superior to non-kosher meat because kosher meat goes through a kashering process, which involves salting the meat to extract the blood.  Also, some people say that the kashering process and the specific diet they are fed, produces moister, more flavorful meat.

Over time though, we had become too used to buying our typical kosher brand of meat, and so we reached out to Wise Organic, one of the only companies in the U.S. that offers kosher AND organic meat.  We were very interested in finding out if kosher and organic meat is noticeably different in terms of quality and taste.

Wise Organic offers an assortment of chicken, turkey, and beef, all of which are competitively priced.  Wise Organic was kind enough to send us a small sample of their chicken selection, including a broiler chicken, a boneless chicken leg fillet, and a boneless chicken breast fillet.  They produce everything from whole turkeys to ground chicken, and everything in between.  Note: At this time, Wise Organic is only offering poultry and turkey.  They are currently not selling red meat.

Their chicken can be ordered online and shipped directly to you. We were a little bit skeptical about having meat shipped to us. How exactly was it supposed to stay cold throughout the shipping process? However, when the chicken showed up at our doorstop and we opened the box, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the meat was ice cold and still frozen (it had been packed on ice).

We decided to cook the broiler chicken first, and we felt the best way to perform a taste test would be to just roast the chicken.  We topped it with some lamb bacon to see how well it absorbed the bacon flavors.  A simple recipe like this would be a good judge of the chicken’s ability to absorb flavor, while also letting the chicken stand on its own for the most part.  We also stuffed the chicken with some home-made bread stuffing (Yes, we LOVE our bread machine!).  After roasting the chicken for over an hour, the finished product was extremely tender, flavorful, and most importantly, TASTY.  The chicken was noticeably leaner than an ordinary non-kosher chicken, and even had less fat compared to most other kosher chickens.  The chicken was very juicy and the lamb bacon imparted a mouth-watering smoky flavor.

We were also very impressed with the chicken’s packaging.  Each sample was wrapped in incredibly durable plastic. Upon leaving the chicken in our fridge, the plastic remained sealed and did not leak.  Often, chicken is wrapped in a Styrofoam tray and we find that the chicken juices tend to leak out of the plastic.  Wise Organic has done an incredible job with their packaging to prevent this from happening.

For the IBD community, we definitely recommend investing in products from this company.  Just like the animals that are humanely treated, this meat will treat your guts humanely as well.  When eating Wise Organic’s meat, you do not have to worry about any antibiotics or growth hormones floating in your system.  There is no need to worry about food contamination, allergies, or the provenance of the ingredients.  This holds true to most organic meat.

For those who have trouble digesting meat and meat-derived products, we can personally vouch for how good we felt after eating the chicken.  We did not have that heavy feeling that often results after a large serving of chicken.

Everyone at the dinner table agreed that they would pay the modest difference in price for meat that is humanely treated,  raised in a healthy environment, fed an organic diet, and processed using strict guidelines for animal welfare.

Wise Organic’s products can be ordered online at  Some supermarkets carry their products too; we just noticed that our local kosher supermarket has started carrying small quantities of their chicken products.

Excited to cook our first broiler chicken!

The bird has been stuffed!

Lamb bacon laid on top and ready to go into the oven!

Right out of the oven…

Chicken without the bacon

View of the inside…


Comments on: "Wise Organic Chicken" (2)

  1. this looks great! i’m so glad i found your blog! i have ulcerative colitis, and its so wonderful to find a community of fellow IBDers:)

  2. Please be careful when it comes to stuffing. It slows the cooking process, and oftentimes does not get hot enough while insede the bird to be completely cooked itself.
    This comes from one of my Fave cooking experts (and food scientist) Alton Brown.

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