Two amateur cooks explore the world of cooking for a Crohn's and Colitis diet

If you couldn’t guess by the title of the blogpost, I Be a fooDie is off to explore the world! Well maybe not the whole world, but we ARE going to Turkey and Israel! We will be gone for 20 days.  Due to our travels, we will have limited internet access so we will not be posting blogs while we are away.  We WILL be tweeting our trip, so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@ibeafoodie).

We will return to blogging in August to share our many culinary adventures with you.  Part of the fun of travelling to new places is trying authentic cultural foods and we are very excited to immerse ourselves in Middle Eastern cuisine.  We are also eagerly anticipating taking a cooking class with Turkish chefs in Istanbul.  We got in touch with the cooking school and worked with them to modify the menu and the dishes so that they are (for the most part) IBD friendly.  We will take pictures and be sure to share the experience with you!

The hardest part about travelling (especially in Turkey) will be not getting sick.  We are taking many precautions and we will be incredibly prepared travelers (this is no surprise given the fact that Marnina is a lifetime Girl Scout).  Marnina will be bringing various types of precautionary over-the-counter medications in addition to extra supplies of her normal prescription medications.  She is also bringing antibiotics in the event that she gets sick from the water or food in Turkey (not to mention her stock of flushable wipes and toilet paper that she has packed).  We plan to only drink bottled water in Turkey and will not eat any fruits unless they are peeled, and will only eat vegetables that have been cooked.   We are familiar with diet modifications though, so we can handle it!  The goal is to walk, tour, learn, eat and have a great time WITHOUT getting sick.  We hope we are ready for the challenge!

While we are gone, please don’t be a stranger. Comment on this post and let us know what you would like us to write about in the future. What kinds of cuisines are you interested in learning more about? What dishes do you find the hardest to modify? What would you like to learn more about regarding IBD and nutrition?

We promise we won’t wear these costumes on the streets of Istanbul and Tel Aviv…

Comments on: "I Be a travelling fooDie!" (4)

  1. Great costumes ^.^
    I would love to see some recipes for sauces. Could always use a good sauce 🙂
    And of course you’ll have to share what you learn on your adventures!

  2. Jill turl said:

    Hi..your folks gave me your site while we were on the cruise.I am lens gf. Sorry we did not meet when you were in Boston. Your site is great.hope to see more when you return. Jill

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We are also sorry that we couldn’t see you, but we are moving to Brookline in mid-August and will be there for the next 2 years, so there will be plenty of chances to see each other!

      Hope you enjoyed the cruise!

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