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Pumped Up for Pumpkin

As Fall sets in and the leaves begin to change colors, the chilly weather signals one thing: really really really cold weather is coming. In a gloomy and sometimes arctic region like New England, it is necessary to find the bright spots that accompany the arrival of Fall. For us foodies, that would be apple picking, the abundance of certain root vegetables, and of course, our favorite group of foods: winter squash. If you can recall, we once packed a stuffing into a pumpkin, baked it until it was soft, and then took a trip to food heaven as we enjoyed one of the best meals ever (Happiness in a Pumpkin). Marnina jokes that I am so much in love with squash, especially butternut and buttercup, that I should have her engagement ring resized so that it can be given to a squash. 

We have recently gone on a pumpkin craze, and we would like to share two recipes that have been indulgent but still relatively healthy due to pumpkin’s nutritional content. For dinner on Friday night we made a dairy-free pumpkin custard, a light dessert that takes like pumpkin pie filling. Then, for Sunday morning brunch, we cooked up a baked pumpkin french toast dish that was off the charts good. While we enjoyed the smell of our apartment during the cooking process of both of these dishes, we REALLY enjoyed the buttery pumpkin sweetness that infused our custard and french toast.


Making the Best Food Choices

We hope this blogpost helps continue breaking the silence surrounding Crohn’s Disease. If you don’t already own this shirt (Marnina’s is pictured above), purchase one from!

Disclaimer: The advice and recommendations provided by the author of this article are not necessarily representative of I Be a fooDie and are solely meant to serve as a suggestion and/or resource for those with Crohn’s Disease.

Also, if you like the picture above,

Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory disease that can affect different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. For some people, the disease will only affect the colon, while others will experience inflammation of the small intestine. Inflammation can occur in any part of the GI tract from the mouth to the anus, and can cause a wide variety of symptoms including abdominal cramping, diarrhea, ulcers, reduced appetite and weight loss, bloody stools, fatigue, mouth sores, skin disorders, fever, and more.


One Pot Meals: The Grad Student Life

Between attending classes, studying for classes, biking to classes, and thinking about classes, Marnina and I have had very little time to think about cooking. In the meantime, we are still alive and have not starved–a true accomplishment  Ever since we moved to Brookline, Massachusetts, we have been invited over to new friends’ houses for meals more times than we can count. We have enjoyed several dozen types of challah’s (apple-pomegranate challah anyone???), and we have brought in the Jewish New Year with plenty of honey-infused food (carrot-japanese yam-apricot tzimmes anyone???). We actually made that tzimmes (we are very proud of it!), but for the most part, we have been thoroughly enjoying other people’s cooking since we moved here.


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