Two amateur cooks explore the world of cooking for a Crohn's and Colitis diet

Meet the Foodies!

kitchen-3Husband and wife, young working professionals living in the cozy city of Silver Spring, Maryland in the DC area.  Marnina is a Project Officer on a U.S. government funded Tuberculosis project and Seth works as a Patient Outreach Specialist at Evolent Health while also working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD). We are both easy going, friendly, and passionate individuals.  More importantly, we are both foodies and patient advocates who love with cooking delicious meals from scratch.

Marnina has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which makes cooking an adventure.  Our kitchen is supplied with an excess of tools that peel, smash, puree, and well, cook things to death.  Our pantry and refrigerator are filled with low-fiber foods that sometimes do not resemble real ‘human food.’  Cooking for someone with IBD requires diligence, perseverance, and a lot of arm strength.  All of the food we cook must be de-seeded, de-skinned, and sometimes even de-flavorized (in the case of tuna goo).  But without sounding too conceited, we manage to create some fantastic dishes that represent many ethnic tastes and regions of the world.

I Be a fooDie was created in an effort to provide direct nutritional advice and recipes for the management of IBD. Through the blog, we dispense diet management advice and provide a venue for new scientific research, as well as include guest blogs from well-known nutritionists. The blog continues to provide Seth with opportunities to grow in his future role as an RD.

We blog about our adventures in the kitchen; anything ranging from an exciting new ingredient we have discovered, a scrumptious meal we prepared, or even something educational about nutrition and health.  We will always include eye-catching pictures (to the best of our ability), recipes, and some ideas on how to modify the dish to your taste and dietary restrictions.

We are foodies, half marathoners and fundraisers for CCFA!

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  1. Hello, Marnina.

    I sent you a message via your facebook page over the weekend. I would love to speak with you and Seth about an article I would like to write. Please let me know the best way to get in touch with you.

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